In 1972 Fiesta del Sol began as a celebration to commemorate PNCC’s role in securing the city’s commitment to building Benito Juarez Leadership Academy. Today, Fiesta del Sol continues to reflect the organization’s desire for social transformation.

What started off as a block party—has evolved into a nationally publicized event. But, unlike other festivals; Fiesta del Sol is family-friendly, alcohol and tobacco-free festival.

Teresa Fraga, Pilsen Neighbors Community Council board member and community leader says that “the sun is a vital symbol to the Mexican-American people.” Although there is no written documents that confirm the origin of the name, “Fiesta del Sol is representative of many things Mexican.” Immigrants are the people who toil the soil, says Fraga.” We are people who work under the sun…and we also celebrate under the sun.” Pilsen Neighbors Community Council continues to evoke this energy, art and culture through Fiesta del Sol every year.