Investing in the Future


In the past we have asked you to support and sustain the projects and our ongoing organizing efforts, from early childhood education to Immigration Reform. We now ask you to make an investment in a better and brighter future, invest in the next generation of leaders and organizers


Join our capital campaign to build a state of the arts Leadership Institute that will train and educate the next generation of community organizers and leaders. An institute that will more effectively and efficiently build parents to become leaders and advocate on behalf of their children and their community; in the street of our barrios to the hall of our State Capital and U.S. Congress. A place where young men and women will find a place to give back and feel proud of their community regardless of his or her age, and an institution where young adults can develop the skill necessary to become the next community organizer with the potential of someday serving their community as members of Chicago’s City Council, a member of our State Legislature, or a member of our U. S. Congress, even in the White House.