During Labor Day weekend, we celebrated a Fiesta del Sol and life long Pilsen leader, Inez Loredo. Inez Loredo passed away last year on October 7th at the age of 95 years old. Inez was one of most impactful community organizers in the Pilsen Community. Her, along with Teresa Fraga and Mary Gonzales were amongst some of the leaders who took initiative to assure the building of Benito Juarez Community Academy, which at the time was a big need in the community because other high-schools were not as accessible and students had to commute long travels. Inez has dedicated her life to growing the Pilsen community through civic engagement and community organizing.

From 18th & Morgan to 16th & Morgan, you will now be walking down the historic Inez Loredo Street.


Honorary Street Naming – Inez Loredo
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