House of Sol Line Up

Thursday, July 25th:

Vinyl Night Hosted By: Boi Jeanius

5:00PM / Groovin’ Kiki

6:00PM / Mike Tupak

7:00PM / Shazam Bangles

8:00PM / MaddJeanius


Friday, July 26th:

12:00pm / Los DSVLDS

3:30pm / J-Lektro

4:30pm / Mr. Bobby

5:30pm / Steve Noah

6:30pm / Fancy Fux

7:30PM / Waxmaster

8:30PM / Gettoblaster B2B Chip E.


Saturday, July 27th:

12:00PM / CeaseDays

1:00PM / Wero

2:00PM / DJ Phatman

3:00PM / Mr. Latin House

4:00PM / Alex Peace B2B Brian Boncher

5:15PM / Cratebug

6:15PM / James Curd

7:15PM / KE B2B Ed Nine

8:45PM / Stacy Kidd


Sunday, July 28th:

12:00PM / Pipcraz

1:00PM / Ethan Andrew

2:00PM / All The Way Kay

3:00PM / Karl Almaria

4:00PM / Geto Mark

5:00PM / Mdok & Syko

6:15PM / DJ Heather

7:30PM / Paul Johnson

The 50th Fiesta del Sol is in the books!

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