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After a successful “Vernos para Conocernos” on March 10th, we continue our work leading up to Fiesta del Sol’s 50th anniversary. On May 18th, Pilsen Neighbors Community Council will be hosting the next networking event before FDS 2022 week.  This event will be held at the Lightouse Immersive HQ on 108 W. Germania Pl. where guests will enjoy food, drinks, and Mexican folkloric dance performances.

In addition, guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy the “Frida Kahlo” Immersive show, thanks to our partner Lighthouse Immersive.

All proceeds of this event will go to the building of PNCC’s new home, the Leadership Development Institute.

The Leadership Development Institute (LDI) will be the foundation building to continue Pilsen Neighbors Community Council legacy, whose mission is to work to establish policies and practices in the Pilsen and Southwest areas of Chicago to bring awareness about justice and equality – by investing in the development of community leaders and pastors through leadership training and action.

The LDI will be formed by 4 vital pillars which are the following:

Community Education Center (CEC)-The Community Education Center is working alongside higher ed institutions to create educational pathways for traditional, non-traditional, underrepresented students and educators in our community. We are securing resources and training that would empower them in their career and creating that pipeline to a secure a job opportunity for a better quality of life.

Academy of Parents in Leadership (APL) – Train parents leaders from our community in the socio-emotional and economic factors that impact the success of their children within the schools, as well as the parents’ own success. It’s an opportunity to be able to coexist with other parents and community members to participate and lead training that instills leadership growth inside and outside of our schools.

Latino Legal Institute (LLI) – The work of the LLI involves restorative justice, to advocate for fairness, humanity, and equity throughout the transformational justice system with a primary focus on those affected by the system. A space that offers Pro-Bono legal services on different issues that our community may face (immigration, driver’s license reinstatement, cannabis expungement).

Fiesta del Sol – The largest Latino festival in the country, organized by the community for the community. Fiesta del Sol works as an economic engine for local and city-wide vendors, with more than I.2 million visitors during the four days of the festival. In addition, Fiesta del Sol attendees can obtain valuable information on the different expositions (immigration, housing, employment, health) that the festival offers. Fiesta del Sol has been the iconic Pilsen Festival for 49 years, and next year will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Fiesta del Sol has been for many years one of the economic engines of Pilsen and the city of Chicago, where local vendors have an unique opportunity to showcase their products to more than 1.2 MM visitors during the four days of the festival.

What started as a block party in 1972, this year will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, and we cannot wait to show you what we are preparing for this summer.

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