Fiesta Del Sol is the largest Latino festival in the midwest and is back this July 26-28th to welcome Chicagoans and visitors. What started as block party for local residents has become a family tradition for many of the 1 million people who attend each summer. This tradition is over four decades long and we are so excited for another great year! While we have much to boast about regarding amazing food, music, and rides, we want to acquaint you with this unique one-of-a-kind celebration of a people that have graced our city and helped to make it the most inviting, successful and powerful metropolis in the country.

So, here are nine great reasons you should be at Fiesta Del Sol:

1. Support Our Community: Fiesta Del Sol is the primary fundraiser for Pilsen Neighbors Community Council, a non-profit community-based organization. Our mission is to develop indigenous community leaders who act collectively to strengthen the quality of lives in their Pilsen or other southwest Chicago communities. You can learn more about our organization here. Fiesta Del Sol was not just a block party organized some forty years ago. You are going to want to check out the history of this fabulous event and learn why we launched it in the first place.

2. Culture, History and Traditions. You will feel like you are walking down the street in Mexico City.  The smells, the sounds and the atmosphere place you in those old Aztec corners and remind you that each of us has a rich history and story to tell.

3. It is a family affair! This is a fun and safe festival. We do not permit alcohol or tobacco to be sold or promoted at Fiesta. The carnival features rides and activities that children and young people love. We have a children’s area, a college fair, an opportunity to register to vote and many other activities important to families.

4. Help provide scholarships for college bound students! The Fiesta Del Sol provides scholarships to young people entering colleges and universities and needing assistance with tuition and expenses every year.  Your presence helps them.

5. Great food! You will find some of the best Mexican food in the midwest at Fiesta Del Sol. Enchiladas, tacos, barbacoa, churros and aguas frescos are examples of the savory, lip licking delicacies you will enjoy. Mexican food is not the whole story. If you like burgers, beefs, hot dogs or chips and salsa, you are in the right place at Fiesta.

6. Have an artistic experience! And the artists – muralists, sculptors, traditional dancers, singers, flute players, sketch artists – come to share their talent. Artisans – those who make handmade jewelry or embroidery, designers of traditional costumes,  t-shirts, hats and hand painted musical instruments – bring their goods to sell. We could go on but you get the picture and it is all at Fiesta Del Sol.

7. Support high school youth! The streets are maintained clean and orderly by the Sol Team, a group of young people from local schools who work endless hours to make sure your experience is all it should be.

8. Enjoy the talent! Two main stages feature some of the best known performers representing many different types of music, dance and theater.

9. The Fiesta Del Sol is free. Did you hear that? We said Free!

9 Reasons to Come to Fiesta Del Sol Chicago!
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