[big_event_about_us_1 bg_color=”#ffffff” title=”About Fiesta Del Sol” title_color=”#000000″ subtitle_color=”#010101″ read_more_btn_color=”#f4bb09″ read_more_btn_hover_color=”” buy_ticket_btn_text=”Donate” buy_ticket_btn_url=”https://www.fiestadelsol.org/donate/” buy_ticket_btn_color=”#567b2b” buy_ticket_btn_hover_color=””]Fiesta Del Sol is a free four-day family friendly Latino festival, located in the heart of one of Chicago’s most attractive communities – Pilsen.  This event spans an eight-block space down Cermak Road and can be seen from miles around because of the carnival’s Ferris Wheel and the bright lights of over 100 booths showcasing some of the best tacos, tamales and tostadas in town.  It draws over 1.5 million people during the four days of the festival and has become a major economic engine for local businesses.  Well known artists, as well as up and coming talent, perform on our three stages. Don’t miss out on any of the fun for the whole family![/big_event_about_us_1]


Our goal is to provide community members of all ages a safe and fun festival. We want to highlight culture, history, and people in the Heart of Chicago and provide an economic engine for Pilsen business – large and small, and local organizations and projects. 


Fiesta Del Sol was born in August of 1973.  The Pilsen community had completed a 2-year campaign, engaging thousands of residents demanding the construction of a new high school for its young people.  In May of 1974, the Chicago Board of Education bent to the pressure of the community and agreed to build what is now Benito Juarez High School.  The people, in celebration, held a two-day block long street party on Blue Island Avenue that is now the Fiesta Del Sol. Fiesta del Sol is a celebration of what people can do when they work together; a celebration of the beauty in Latino heritage, history, culture, language and ambition; and a celebration about the future.

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Our Work

Community Organizing:
Pilsen Neighbor’s Community Council (PNCC) is a non-profit, community-based organization (1954) whose mission is to work to establish policies and practices in the Pilsen and Southwest areas of Chicago around the needs of the community. PNCC invests in the development of new community leaders through leadership training to bring about civic engagement and action.

PNCC works on issues such as economic development, education funding, immigration reform, and workforce development. PNCC has been historically instrumental in organizing parents to upgrade school buildings, as well as building new schools to end overcrowding.

PNCC is part of Gamaliel of Metro Chicago and Gamaliel of Illinois, affiliates of an international organization, the Gamaliel Network, a grassroots network of non-partisan, faith-based organizations in 17 U.S. states, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Gamaliel organizes and empowers ordinary people to effectively participate in the political, environmental, social, and economic decisions affecting their lives.

Guadalupe A. Reyes, Fiesta del Sol Scholarship:
The scholarship has celebrated over 20 years of awarding scholarships to students all over the city. Fiesta del Sol has awarded over $1.1 mm in scholarships to more than 600 students.  

University Round Table:
The University Round Table (URT) consists of a strong partnership with colleges and universities in order to bridge the education gap for minority and underrepresented students. The URT helps raise scholarships through the Guadalupe A. Reyes Fiesta del Sol scholarship program and organize our annual College Week at Fiesta del Sol.

College Week (July):
Over 20 colleges and universities both public and private provide valuable information to local college-bound students and their parents. 

Schools Expo:
Over 15 schools provide community members with information about what to expect for the following school year.


Pilsen Neighbors Community Council (PNCC) hosted for the first time ever at Fiesta del Sol the “Cannabis Expo” where members of the community had the opportunity of start the process to clear their cannabis records.

Pilsen Education Summit:

The Pilsen Education Summit is organized by the Pilsen Education Task Force (PETF) and the Pilsen Neighbors Community Council. The purpose of the summit is to create a path of education from birth through college, and make participants aware of the educational resources available in their communities.

Pilsen Neighbors Community Council

Fiesta Del Sol is the primary fundraiser for Pilsen Neighbors Community Council, a non-profit, community based organization. Our mission is to develop new community leaders through leadership training to bring about civic engagement and action in Pilsen and the southwest areas of Chicago.

What Matters to You?

Make your voice count, and get involved in what you stand for.
If you want to get involved in civic engagement contact us here.

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