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We’re looking forward to having you attend Fiesta del Sol! Let us know you’re coming by RSVP’ing below. Then share it with your friends so they come, too! If you’re looking for a Mega Pass, you’re in the right place. You can learn more about the Mega Pass and purchase yours by following the button below. Mega Pass will get you unlimited carnival rides, but it’s free to attend!

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    4-day Mega Passes are available online or by visiting us at 2026 S. Blue Island, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. Pick up yours to receive 4 days of unlimited carnival rides and a parking pass!

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    Share with your friends and family, and let them know that you’re headed to Fiesta!


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    What to Expect


    At Fiesta del Sol, we have musical acts of every variety.Local bands and talents are present making the festival more lively.

    Food Vendors

    Fiesta del Sol focuses on the Latino culture and what a better way to express this than through food. Be sure to walk through the festival and enjoy a little bit of everything!

    Art & Culture Pavilion

    We invite local artists (of all avenues) to showcase their talents – to educate visitors about art in Pilsen. At the same time, our artists have the opportunity to engage and market themselves directly to the community. The art and culture is found all over the grounds of the festival; however, if you are looking for an art fair, and to engage in art and craft-making, make sure to stop by the Art and Culture Pavilion.

    Children’s Area

    The Children’s Area at Fiesta del Sol is place where children can play, read and interact with other children. Our mission at the Children’s Area is to be able to provide fun, educational activities, such as reading out loud sessions, face painting, and books. We’ll also have educational games and activities for fun each day! Bring your children- they will love it!


    Visit our College Fair that includes a station geared toward education rights for undocumented students, with resources that will help give direction and guidance on the college application process and available scholarships.

    At the Pilsen Schools Expo, Pilsen-based school representatives will bring parents and other visitors, information about unique programs offered in Pilsen in efforts to increase parent involvement, boost student recruitment, and provide information that will impact the future of students in the Pilsen community. Visitors will get the opportunity to talk to school representatives then and there, and receive free information.

    Civil Rights of Immigrants

    At the Civil Rights of Immigrants Booth our goal is educating the immigrant community by providing free legal advice, a citizenship workshop, and resources that will aid them to knowing their rights as contributing members of society.

    Keeping Healthy Pavilion

    Alivio Medical Center recognizes the issue of chronic health disease such as diabetes and obesity — largely due to a poor health environment, poverty, and risky behavior. To address these issues, Alivio Medical Center, in conjunction with Fiesta del Sol, have identified the “Keeping Healthy Campaign.” At the Keeping Healthy Campaign, we want to encourage a healthy lifestyle, good eating and exercise habits, stress reduction, healthy cooking, diabetes and high-blood pressure prevention and weight control.


    From gravity-defying carnival rides to carnival-style competition games, there’s sure to be something exciting for everyone! Want 4 days of unlimited rides? Purchase your Megapass today before they sell out!

    Copa Fiesta del Sol

    Over 500 children from over 34 teams across the city participated in a week long soccer tournament  from three different co-ed age group divisions.

    Purchase Mega Pass

    4-day Mega Passes are available online or by visiting us at 2026 S. Blue Island, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. Pick up yours to receive 4 days of unlimited carnival rides and a parking pass!


    Are you interested in participating in one of our committees, performing music or volunteering in one of many other ways? See how you can participate!


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